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Double Take!

I’d been on the computer for all of the morning – checking this website, tweaking sales on ebay and desperately trying to get some answers from Amazon (failed again) and near lunchtime took a break. Looked out the kitchen window and there they were, on the pond “mountain” (it used to be a waterfall feature now sadly blocked) two cats which as near as damn it look like twins. Their fur pattern so similar from the back I couldn’t tell the difference. Then a slight shift of body and like any mother of twins I knew which was which and in this case which was mine. Fortunately this encounter did not end in a howling ball of fury – the interloper crept away gingerly trying not to loose face. However, what I really wanted to say was that finally we have a full Val d’Arizes catalogue to send out and our own leaflet brochure ready to go too. Email me for a copy of either.  Got to go and get ready to watch the Apprentice – I live in hope of picking up some tips!

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