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Sadly the High Street Shop is closed, HAPPILY the new Website is up and running!

This has been a big learning curve, a new way of selling and a venture into the wonderful foreign world of understanding website technology!  The website is up and running but there is a load of stock to be added, difficult sometimes with a cat sitting determinedly on half of the keyboard.  Admittedly she is purring softly which is comforting to listen to I must admit.  I shall persevere and get those long sleeve pyjamas listed – September and October are the best time to buy as you get the best choice of new stock.  The new stock of Pyrenean dressing gowns have arrived – I just love the new Isabelle, a mix of oranges and reds, by colour name “flame” and made in so, so warm Alpaca wool.   I’ve pushed her gently to one side and was rewarded with the “must you” look and resettlement again – if you have a cat you will know the look. Cat sweets are the answer and my shadow will perhaps settle in her basket for the night while I label and price my gowns.  Be ready, winter is on the way, check back regularly after all most of us don’t have the advantage of a fur coat!

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